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Looking for some goodies?

This is a list of War2-related files. All of these links are current as far as we know, but if you happen to find one that isn't, please mail us and tell us.

Note:Unless otherwise stated,all files are for Windows computers.


The ultimate map editor for PCs! You can change nearly anything that you can see in War2. Make flying sheep, exploding mages, or bridges that ships and land units can go over!


Another goodie. You can import and extract all of the data files from War2.

PUD Browser

Take a quick glance at the mini map and get in-depth information at a glance. Print out the maps at full-screen size, as well as info like total gold, total units, etc...

Windows KeyKiller

Ever bump that damned Windows key when in a heated battle? Get this and disable that thing!

PUD Master

The Macintosh equivalent of War2xEd. A must-have for all mac War2 fans!


Quickly and easily create random maps.

Custom Tilesets

Visit this page for a large selection of custom tilesets to replace the orc swamp or wasteland.

WinZip for Windows

You'll need this to unzip most of the files on this page.


Kahn allows you to play War2 over the 'net. It is similar to Kali, but instead of a 15-minute time limit, it has a 3-week time limit. This is the Win95 version.

Kahn DOS

Same as above, but DOS version. You'll need a PPP stack too.

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Mail us your file links(no actual files please).

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