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What, leaving already?

Leaving so soon? Well, you may as well go to another great War2 page. Here are some of our favorites!

Erhnam's War2 Page

One of the best we've seen yet! Keep up the good work!

Lucky's War2 Page

Great strategy, good graphics, horrid jokes. :) What more could you ask for?

Wubb's War2 Page

Choose your own adventure and a message board. Take a look at the files.

The place where the KPUDs can be downloaded. They are a set of great multiplayer puds, better than the built-in ones. Get them!

BordRider's War2 Page

It's not much yet, but it shows promise!

Mj's Warcraft page

The only place in the world where you can get the Alpha (that's right Alpha) version of Warcraft 2. It's weird but neat. Check it out!

WarCraft 2 beyond the net

A good page with strategies and tips on Kali etiquette.

Warcraft Forever

Two guys combined their sites to form WarCraft Forever. Check it out!

WarCraft 2 beyond the net

A good page with strategies and tips on Kali etiquette.

Compnut's War2 Page

It's got strategy, lingo, links, and even words of wisdom!

Gorefiend's Domain

If we had to pick one that we thought was the best, it would be this one or Erhnam's page. It's not being updated anymore though. (Neither is Erhnam's, come to think of it.)

LOK:s svenska Warcraft-site

Den bästa svenska Warcraft-siten som fortfarande blir uppdaterad! Historia, sveriges största, bästa och vackraste bug-lista, massvis av filer och program, stor FAQ-lista m.m.

Amin's WarCraft 2 Page

All it has are cheats so far, but he's got a link to us, so we linked to him.

Note:The order in which these pages are placed is no reflection of their quality, simply the order in which I cut and pasted from my bookmarks file.

Non-War2 links

Mitko's Page!

This is Mitko's page. It's got some links and some cool pics.

Hirfy's Page

It's got some funny stuff and will have a Zelda 64 page eventually.

Eorapter's Page

A bit of everything. Stupid people, mind-bogglers, and Jurassic Park stuff!

Mail us your links and we'll put them up!

Check back soon for more great links!

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