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Orcs vs Humans:Which is the best?

Ever since people have played multiplayer War2, the debate has raged on. Which of the two races is superior? Nearly anyone you might run into on Kali or Kahn will tell you that Orcs are so much better because of their bloodlust. But is it really that much of an advantage? Or is it just the easiest? We'll take an in-depth look at the Humans and the Orcs, and compare them.


grunt footmanGrunts vs Footmen

The Grunt and the Footman, the two earliest units available, are exactly the same. There is absolutely no difference (in game terms) between the two. So if you're choosing Orcs or Humans because of the Footmen and Grunts, go with Orcs because they make funnier noises. (But if you're looking for a real game, keep reading.)


Archer AxerArchers/Rangers vs Axethrowers/Berserkers

At first, the Elven Rangers and the Troll Axethrowers are exactly the same. But when you move on to keep and stronghold stages, and get Berserkers and Rangers, things change. The first two upgrades for both are the same. But the elves' Marksmanship, which gives them a +3 to damage, is much more useful than the Troll Regeneration. Sure, Regeneration is a nifty power, and it allows them to heal when no other orcish unit can (except the DK, but that costs a lot of mana), but think about it:if the elves are doing 3 extra damage every shot while the berserkers are healing 1 HP every 5 seconds or so, who is going to win that battle. Add that to the fact that the Trolls are overshadowed by Ogres anyway, and you've got an obvious winner.


Ballistas CatapultBallistas vs Catapults

The only difference between these two is that the catapults shoot about a tenth of a second faster. (But it's a moot point since they both suck anyway.)


Ogre KnightOgres/Ogre-Mages vs Knights/Paladins

The Ogres and Knights are identical. But when fully upgraded, they are by no means equal. The Ogre-Mages, quite simply, have Bloodlust. They have other spells too, but they aren't great. The Paladins have healing. While it can be useful, it doesn't come close to equaling Bloodlust. Healing 40 HP with all of one guy's mana can't compare to tripling fellow ogres' damage (and doubling other units'). The Paladins sort of come back with Exorcism, but Bloodlust definitely gives Orcs the edge.


Mage DKMages vs Death Knights

This one is no contest. Mages eat Death Knights for breakfast. They have much much better spells, and can live long enough to cast them (DKs get a little shy around Paladins). If you don't believe us, let's look at the spells:

slow HasteSpeed Change Spells

Slow is a key tool of the Humans. It is one of the main defenses against Ogres. Plus, it can affect any unit. Haste doesn't do anything to Ogres (well, it makes them look fast but they don't actually move any faster. I guess it's good for a laugh but it's worthless in the game.) "Well smart guys," you say, "I can just have my DKs haste my ogres as you slow them!" Sure that's a good strategy in theory. But we've both been playing humans for a while and have never (never!) seen anybody actually try that. Even if they did, (which they don't), we can just re-slow them. And yes, it could go back and forth for a while, but Humans usually have more mages around than Orcs do, plus any smart human player is going to exorcise those DKs as soon as he sees that little lightning bolt over the Ogres' heads. The only use for Haste is to haste sappers.


Invisible Unholy ArmorProtection Spells

This one is also a no-brainer. Invisibility, the mages' greatest weapon, is in nearly every combo. For two minutes or so, any unit (other than demo squads) can be made almost completely undetectable (if the enemy just happens to be clicking around the ground that your unit passes over, he'll see its portrait in the window but not the red box around it.) Then there is unholy armor. For less than 20 seconds, your unit is invulnerable. But he pays for it with half his HP, which may actually damage him more than if he hadn't been invincible. Also, he is readily detectable and easily polymorphed. No question about it, Unholy Armor is no match for Invisible.


Polymorph Death CoilConcentrated Destruction Spells

Polymorph, the ultimate destruction spell. Any living unit can be neutralized instantly and turned into a cute harmless sheep. Every Orc fears the effects of what appears to be the ultimate destruction spell. But is it really superior to its Orcish counterpart, Death Coil? Polymorph costs 2000 gold and takes a while to research. Death Coil is free. Polymorph will use all of its effect on one creature, even if it only has 1 HP left. 2 Death Coils (which costs the same, mana-wise) will do 100 damage and spread it out among any nearby enemies so that all the damage is done. And it replenishes the Death Knight's energy (kinda like a vampire). Sure, Polymorph can kill things with more than 100 HP, but none of the units it can affect have more than that anyway. You don't even need to click right on the guy you want for Death Coil; just click around that area. With Polymorph, your aim better be good.


Whirlwind FireballCrappy Destruction Spells

Well, this one is kind of a moot point. We don't know anyone who uses these spells with any hopes of them actually helping at all. They both suck. The only advantage Fireball has is that it's free.


Flame Shield Raise DeadSpells that deal damage in the single digits

This one is also a waste of time. Don't waste money on either of these spells. If you actually use these spells, you're either cruelly toying with a newbie (GOOD FOR YOU!) or you're a newbie yourself. Take our advice:these are so worthless it's not even worth talking about them. But, if you need a winner, Flame Shield can't be stopped by Exorcism.


Blizzard Death and DecayMass Destruction Spells

Ahh, the best for last. These spells can make or break the game for you. They're both identical. We once heard a guy on Kahn say , "Well, Blizzard comes down at an angle, so it's harder to control!" (Some of the idiots on the net are amazing!)They do the same amount of damage, same cost, etc. So they're equal.


The Bottom Line

So what does it come down to? As far as we're concerned, Orcs and Humans are equal. Orcs are much easier to use, which leads many people to believe that they're better. But the Humans' more powerful magic evens that out. You'll find that, in a game between a good orc player and a good human player, it's not as lopsided as you'd think. Humans, once you have mastered them, can be a formidible opponent.

Orcs and Humans each have their advantages. For simplicity, brute force, and easier victories, Orcs are the way to go. But if you want glory, respect, or a good challenge, try humans for a while. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

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